Designed by Lu believes in the principle of giving back and this is the main reason why we are dedicated to serve others by donating services and attending annual galas. We also believe that it’s better to give than to receive. In addition to creating a memorable wedding celebration experience and helping our clients celebrate the journey, we have partnered with a wide range of organizations including:



CapraCare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to provide community health programs with an aim of saving lives, strengthening families and transforming communities.

Love and Hope

Love and Hope is an organization that improves the lives of people living in global and local communities. Their mission is to end poverty and share prosperity. 

Global Tassels

Global Tassels provides college education opportunities to underprivileged students living in less developed countries. They open doors to colleges and universities across the globe with an aim of empowering students to be leaders in their career fields while engaging them in their communities.

Fernande Valme Ministry

Fernande Valme ministry was founded by late sister Fernande Valme with a mission of educating the less fortunate while propagating the principles of Christian brotherhood.




We will continue to be a blessing to others by supporting and celebrating great causes that impact the lives of others.